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Glazed Vitrified Tiles ( GVT tiles ) and Porcelain Glazed Vitrified Tiles ( PGVT tiles )

The variation of the tiles is depend upon the usage of the tiles because the material that are used in manufacturing of Glazed Vitrified Tiles are changes on the usage of this tiles.Generally Glazed tiles GVT and PGVT are made of glass , stone and poly vinyl chloride (PVC).If the tiles made using the glass then here also available wide range of the glass , same for stone usage in the tiles.So, the price is mainly depend upon the raw materials that are used in the tiles.


Now to make Glazed Vitrified Tiles fire resistance , acid proof , wash proof , easy to clean , scratch proof and must anti stain, there are many several process that have to be followed while manufacturing the Tiles.

Here in all this process we have required special type of raw materials to make this features in the tiles.Every features have required his special raw material to fulfil the requirements.This material are prepared from rajasthan and then it will transported to the our manufacturing unit.

Now to make the Glazed Vitrified , the raw materials like glass , stone and other material are burn at very high temperature to make the tiles harder and stronger.This palette is harder than the granite stone in molarity and modularity.Now this tiles is also said to be polished porcelain tiles or polished tiles.

Once the palate is ready then it sent to the spray dial machines to make the design on it and in other part it has been painted with very high temperature color. Now after the tiles has been prepared than it sent to the cooler machines.Here it is cooled in very low temperature and then it sent to the dispatch department.There it has been packed in the boxes.If the tiles is for export purpose then it packed with wooden and palate packing for safe and secure transportation.


Now you can understand why the Glazed Vitrified Tiles prices are varies between the pricing.