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If you choose our porcelain tiles in the flooring of your project than it will changes the totally look and feeling of your projects because of its design and qualified tiles.


The porcelain tiles are very easy for cleaning so it is the best option for the hospitals because this tiles don’t need to clear every time.It also create serious and pieceful environment in the hospital.


We have special designs for porcelain tiles so that can be used in malls and in theaters.It design in a way that it gives the people enjoyment feeling when they see it.Every poeple can feel every moments when they walking on it.If any body is boered or unhapply and then he see the flooring with tiles than he defenately will get some piece in his mind.


The porcelain tiles are most suitable for medium budget projects , high budget projects and in a luxurious projects.This tiles are designed in way that some feeling is related with it.This porcelain tiles should be chosen for  the project by the type of the projects so people can feel the project.


Now talking about the porcelain tiles price list then this tiles are available in wide range of price.


Porcelain tiles price generally depend on the size of the tiles.Now if we are talking about the tiles size then generally it available in 2 ft x 2 ft.

Generally the price of 2 ft x 2 ft porcelain tiles are varies between 30 to 200 rupees per sq ft.This price range are for regular quality tiles but if you choose premium quality porcelain tiles then the price is depend upon the color combination that are used in the tiles.Our porcelain tiles are  available from 1 color to 8 color combinations tiles.So the price of porcelain tiles goes high according to the color combinations that are used in the tiles.


The reason behind this pricing is for the layer means each and every color used in this tiles have required the own layer for the color.If you have three color in the tiles then we have required 3 layer for the 3 color combinations.So color combition and layer of the tiles are propositional to each other and price of the tiles also.

Generally in india the porcelain tiles price are available from 25 rupees to 700 rupees per sq ft.Again here it also depend upon the color combinations of the tiles and other than this it depend upon the usage means where you want use this tiles like in flooring or in wall.