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Italica - the best porcelain tiles manufacturer in India

Brand ' Italica Tiles ' is spread in whole indian market and it got demanded out of India also, so we have started exporting of porcelain tiles in arabian contries and some of europe contries. We are the one and only exporter of porcelain tiles in Morbi.

Before some years porcelain tiles are being imported in India from china at that time we have introduced manufacturing unit of porcelain tiles in morbi and covered indian market within 3-4 year and than we become first porcelain tiles exporter in India.


By providing the best quality and designing we got success to show our growth in porcelain tiles manufacture in india and export in the many countries like saudi arabia, african countries, europe countries and in arab countries.


Our porcelain tiles manufacturer unit is always upto days with the latest technology from spain and improving the raw material quality that are used in this tiles manufacturing with modern style design concepts of porcelain tiles.


Thus our company Italica Floor TIles becomes the brand italica.


Main utility of our porcelain tiles in kitchen flooring, bedroom flooring, living room, malls, theatres, hospitals, hotels and in the places which have large number of peoples or the places who have maximum attention of the peoples.


This tiles will give you very romantic feeling in your bedroom.This tiles also help to create peaceful and professional environment in your offices.In you choose porcelain tiles in your hotel than it will give the royal feeling in your hotel and it will increase the charm of your hotel like big projects.